Saturday, September 09, 2006

Watch out....public milk duds pending,,,,

Ye gods, I'm tired of whining about school... I'll whine about something else today, and next week can go back to my regular scheduled whining, deal?

Let's see... can we sum up this hellific week in bullet points? We can but try...

* I fell asleep at six o'clock Friday night and, with the exception of nursing Arwyn, didn't wake up until seven thirty, Saturday, and I'm ready for another nap--this should tell you how badly the week went.

* I got into an unfortunate disagreement with Mate--and those who know us will tell you that this never happens. I won't give gory details, because it crushes him when I vent (for those of you who read my books, think Bracken--Mate was my inspiration for all of the men, but that thing that Bracken does with self-anger is a dead straight imitation of my beloved Mate) but we shall simply say it is nearly impossible for me to be angry at him when HE'S HOME!!!

* Back-to-school night was this week--Mate and I both have to go because our two older children attend the same school. Nothing like nursing your infant in front of your children's teachers to insure them a stellar year at school. (Yes. My milk-duds have had exposure or near misses in pretty much every learning institution in Nor-Cal. I sincerely apologize to the entire freaking world.)

* I finished a teeny-tiny pair of socks for a colleague and went to work on the matching hat. It is some measure of my hysteria that I greeted 4/5 classes on Friday wielding itty-bitty socks and singing 'Happy feet...I've got those happy feet...'

* My agent packet has still not returned, and I still haven't gotten my ass off the ground to print out a new one. Somebody kick my ass please--it would be lovely to sell a freakin' book and be read by more than six people on the planet.

* Okay, six people was sort of an understatement--two reviews have appeared in the last week and a half on Wounded's site--to L.A. Jennings and Holly from Australia, I love you both dearly even though we've never met. Bound will be out by February, Goddess willing, and I can only hope you enjoy it as much as you seem to have loved the other two!

* On a good note, many of my felons seem to have transferred out of my 3rd period just as effortlessly as they moved in.

* On another (good?) note, my special ed son's class schedule has changed three times, which means that my school is not the only one to completely shaft those who need stability and consistency the most. Okay, it's not a good note. It's a crappy note. But Trystan's such an awesome kid he's going to do fine, and I thought it interesting to note that this is a statewide problem. Could it have anything to do with the fact that we're like the only fricken state to start school two weeks before labor day? Maybe if we didn't equate exhausting students and teachers alike with better education, we could get our numbers stable... just a thought people, it's not like I don't have fourteen years of professional experience or anything... just saying... (will not whine about school...will not will not will not will not...)

* I'm missing the Yarn Harlot, even as I type. I was going to see her--Goddess, I'd planned on it for over four months, but that thirteen hour sleep was sort of a wake-up call (I love the smell of irony in the morning after a good nap...)... manic energy and a soda in the morning will only get you so far--my family needs a quiet weekend, and if that includes me doing the dishes while Mate works stoically on the bathroom when my beloved Harlotty Yarn Goddess spreads her magic three hours away, then so-be-it...the drive to Los Altos and back hauling protesting infants was not in the cards. Stephanie, I'm so sorry... meeting you would have put a glow in my year.

* The blogger keeps freezing on me, otherwise I'd go and take a picture of tiny sister, just to show you how much she's grown...and, true to family tradition, the little tyke just won't shut up...aren't their little talking sounds so cute? Anyway, she's also showing herself to be pretty damn smart--every day when I pick her up at day care, I hug Kewyn first, (Mama... big Guy!) and then I take tiny sister from Lucia (one of the best day care ladies EVER) and give her lots of bubble kisses before plopping her in the basket and securing her for day, and one day only, Lucia tried to secure her for take-off before those bubble kisses, and you can bet the whole neighborhood heard the 5 month version of "whoa, lady, back the truck one steals my bubble kisses!!!" I was very impressed... Kewyn has also learned to hold tiny sister's bottle while mama is driving... fun until they grow up and hack the school computer to alter grades...(yes, people, that was my high school that happened at... along with the world-wide footage of the graduate streaking with '00 painted on her ass...lots of fun things happen at can tell just by watching the evening news...)

* The kids have rediscovered the game cube--and the game that features the control box that's actually a set of bongo drums wired for sound...the CAVE TROLL IS GOING APESHIT AS WE SPEAK!!! Seriously people-- I'm so impressed with the Brave New World-esque drive to replace simple things like, say, bongo drums that cost ten bucks to manufacture with new and improved electronic bongo drums that cost a hundred dollars to manufacture and can break when you sneeze on them that I'm going to start checking my local movie theatres to see when the feelies are showing. (For those not familiar with Huxley's masterpiece, go ahead and read it, and then marvel that it was written in the 1920's...)

* My daughter's soccer team won, 3-0... go Lightning Bugs... the vainglorious prickweenies who cut her from her last team better watch out...wouldn't it be humiliating to lose to a team of kids that you rejected and humiliated because you weighed heart in pounds? Ah...if only life were a Bruckheimer movie....

Well....the blogger keeps threatening to freeze on me, so I should probably take a cosmic hint and bail.... I will be back, and may the Goddess smile upon you and the moths never discover your stash!!!!!!

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