Friday, September 15, 2006

Friday Night Blindness

I've sworn to myself that I'm not going to pass out tonight...I will stay awake to knit, blog, and walk... I am not a x-hundred lb. fluffy spud, I'm not, I'm not, I'm not...

But I am tired... in fact, I'm so tired that I must be seeing things because I could swear that while I was watching AVATAR (good show, that!) with my middle-schoolers, I saw the following things:

A toy that talks...a middle-school looking girl with blonde hair (Do kids still have long blonde hair that itsn't dark hair with bright highlights? Not where I work and live...) that talks and says things like "Do you want to hang out?" It scared me spitless. And then when I thought I'd recovered, I saw four plastic Burger King puppets, doing water ballet as their counterparts did some headbanging in a crappy burgundy chevelle. I was drifting in an almost nap at the time and the sight was so disturbing that it segued me into a dream/fugue that featured a group of suit-wearing ad-execs snorting powdered sugar and drinking bong water while using money to line the cage of a crack addicted parrot who wrote their ad copy for them. That was when the baby giggled from the crook of my arm and woke me up. She was so proud--she has just learned to eat her feet.

Yeah... probably a good day for a short blog...I'll brag about my baby hat and socks tomorrow.


Roxie said...

Isn't the back of the uncounscious a fascinating wilderness? Thanks for giving us a peek into yours.

And the little goddess can eat her own feet? What a gifted child! That's good for hours of entertainment! Does she eat only bare feet, or do sockies get gnawed on as well? I can see the kid with a sock dangling from her mouth and a gleeful smile of accomplishment. Look! It comes aopart! Next, she figures out the diaper removal trick! Lucky, lucky you.

Starfish said...

Yikes, what the heck did you eat to give you dreams like that??