Saturday, September 16, 2006

Not a day for real poetry...

I barely blogged
I kind of knit
But mostly what I did
Was sit.

Took one to soccer
One to gym
Hauled the other
Around on whim.
(The first sat at home w/games & grins)

The wind blew
We sat in sun
And wished my daughter's
team had won.
(But I know she had some fun)

The postman brought a box of yarn
And I went out and bought some more,
Right now I think it's safe to say
We don't need to buy any more.
(Of course that's all been said before.)

We came back home
Let the housework rot
Ate the take-out
I had got...
(For dinner too...I got a lot...)

I held the baby.
She ate her feet.
I blew bubbles
On her cheeks...
We laughed away the frantic week.

We watched some shows
The toddler laughed
When eyeballs drooped
We took a nap...
(That part was way too short by half...)

We all woke up
The baby played
We frittered the rest
Of the day away...
Our week is so much better that way...

My friend came by
I've taught her socks
(I gave her acryllic
In case she balks
At finishing a thing that walks...
It's something to do while we two talk.)

Mate bought ice cream
And it was good.
We all ate more
Than we probably should...
(One more scoop, if you just could?)

So here's my blog...
I'm off to knit...
My family's gathered
Some more to sit...
The more to rest my sleepy wit...


Anonymous said...

another true work of art. I truly do like it... i promise i will get one of these someday...
your 12 ap student...

Roxie said...

Yes! You needed, desperately needed a day like this. And of course it would bring out poetry. I love it. Classic. More polish would spoil its charm. It's perfect just the way it is!