Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Hee hee hee...

(hee hee hee hee...) A monkey tamer...thanks Lady In Red--I'll be giggling over that during my first two periods tomorrow...

Other things that make me go hee hee right now?

That commercial where the Yahoo--recommended fertilizer brings the dog to life from under the garden. (hee hee hee hee...)

The new review for Vulnerable that has the audacity to suggest I'm better than Laurell K. Hamilton. Not true, but before I can tell my ego 'down sweetie...', it still has a psychotically giddy giggle... (hee hee hee hee)

Precious little sister had a poopzilla today and just giggled at me and ate her feet. (hee hee hee hee hee)

The idea of a scrap baby sweater made out of self-striping sock yarn. (hee hee hee hee)

The fact that my ob/gyn greeted me today with the words "So, you're husbands shooting clear now, right?" I mean, I'm the Queen of Bluntness, but I'd forgotten that just being an ob/gyn gives your doc an insta-pass into your personal life...she also commented on the fact that after nearly twenty years we still seem to be doing it like bunnies--I'm a year from forty with four children, but suddenly I was releasing my inner seventeen year old... it was all I could do not to giggle right there in the office. (hee hee hee hee hee)

And then she introduced the speculum teleported expressly from Antartica. (Hoh?)

A plan to call the parents of every kid who has pissed me off in the last two weeks and make their small lives miserable. (Buuuuwha ha ha ha ha ha)

A plan to write a nasty letter to the Roc publishing company for mangling the latest Harry Dresden book and rendering it FUBAR for reading purposes--I got the book in May and have been putting off reading it until I was at sort of a low point and needed a bit of a lift...imagin my dismay to get to page 121, discover that the next page was 59, and that pages 59 to 121 were totally repeated in the text. And that pages 121-189 were completely eliminated. And now I'm dying to read the rest, and very broke... ohhh the nasty letter I am planning for these people...(ha ha ha ha ha ha)

But mostly what makes me go hee hee right now is the thought of the cold medication I'm going to take before I go to bed. A cold, allergies, whatever, something is kicking my ass and I'm gonna get buzzed on sudafed and make it all go bye bye. (Hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee...)

Goodnighe everybody!


Roxie said...

Thank God for drugs!!Benedryl is my cold control of choice. Makes me soooo sleepy!

Julie said...

I haven't read any of your stuff, but I'm sure it's better than Laurell K Hamilton's (I assume you have plots in your books, which puts you one up on her latest stuff).

And have fun with Roc publishing. They have violated a major rule: never, EVER piss off a writer and give them a chance to respond on paper. EVER. Hee hee hee.

Tam Tam said...

I love the "hee hee" about calling all the kids who have been pissing you off! I wanna help!

Rae said...

pass the sudafed, babe. I need to go bye-bye, too.

Rae said...
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Lady in Red said...

Happy to help! And I adore my OB. I wish I could go to her for everything. Have fun with those phone calls and don't take too much of that sudafed!