Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Things of little note...

I'm not feeling too articulate today--I'm sort of pouring a lot of myself into BITTERMOON...but I did have some bizarre and tiny things I thought I'd share:

* The baby is singing. No kidding--she chews on her hands, smiles winningly (is there any other way?) and goes La la la la la la...la la la la la... I know every kid does this, but she does it better than any kid I have at this moment. (The older kids are too self concious to just belt out their la-las...alas.)

* Kewyn talks. Not a lot--he's like his father that way. But he does talk--he says "my stick" and "my pig" and "my dinosaur". I know he's three, and I've heard him make totally complete sentences and he loves to read, but really, since Trystan, Bryar, Mate and myself all interpret every grunt, including the one that says 'look, I'm leaving something disgusting in my diaper and you know that's your job to deal with', I don't think he really sees the need.

* Bryar has friends. This is a big furry deal--last year she was the kid that the bullies decided to hate from the moment she got off the bus. We told her to keep hold of her smile, have a good attitude, and things would change. She got two phone calls last night from kids we've never met--we were so happy for her. Now we have to go meet the kids and their parents...that sort of joy is short lived.

* Trystan has learned that nakedness is not to share with the family. (For those of you who've read the archives, you know this is a big step.) I know this because when I walk in on him in our ONE BATHROOM (still a problem, people, don't doubt it), he covers his wee-ness with one hand. I'm grateful--although his pediatrician just asked me if he'd hit puberty yet and I had to tell her "I'm so glad I don't know the answer to that question...I hope he can continue to hide that thing under only one hand.!"

* Mate is...well, hecka cute. You've seen the pictures... a lot changes over twenty years, but hecka cute is not it.

* I've started Yarn Club here at school. *sigh* I told them they have unlimited access to my yarn stash (the stuff I've moved from home to school--all acrylic, it makes me feel better about getting rid of it somehow) as long as they make something for charity. But now I have to teach them how, and I've got to tell you, my patience is mighty thin these days.

Sometimes I think I should have taught math--I hate math, but at least I wouldn't have taken things I loved and made them onerous to think upon... then again, occassionally, the students see the light and that thing I love is magnified about a bajillion, with chocolate sauce. Maybe I'm just not destined to know math.


Bells said...

never wish you taught math. How boring.

Starfish said...

Hey, I happen to LOVE math! At one point I almost decided to quit corporate america and become a math teacher, but it never did work out.

I suppose it's a good thing that you can take a few moments to recognize the small changes in your kids, lots of parents miss that stuff.

Rae said...

Some days the kids kill us. Other days they keep us going, even when there's only one bathroom! ;)

Roxie said...

The thing about words is that there is a multiplicity of right answers. The thing about numbers is that there isn't. I like to keep my options open, so words are my friends. As for numbers, I have the concept of one, two three, four, and many.

A singing baby? Stop now. You will not be able to duplicte this. Have no more children. The next one will be hell on wheels just to even out your karmic balance. Savor the glory!

Hooray for Bryr!