Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Good Feeling Gone...

Anybody remember that part from FINDING NEMO... Dory and Marlin are down in the bottom of the blackest sea, and they see a light, and they get all happy, and then they realize that the light is attached to a giant ugly-fish that's going to kill them and eat them with pain?

Marlin's line? "Good feeling gone..."

Yeah. That's what work has been like for the last two days.

My computer crashed yesterday during my movies, that I had played so I could finish my grades. When it came back up, it had eaten four sets of grades for four classes.

We were supposed to have an inservice yesterday. Our principal was sick, so everybody went, "Oh, Goody! We can catch up on GRADES!!!"

Someone at the DO chose yesterday to put us on another server. No time to enter grades in the computer. Any writing I would have done would have gotten eaten. I stayed here and graded essays for my AP class for two hours when I could have been playing with my kids. The AP essays weren't worth my time.

I got observed today while trying to review grammar with kids who didn't understand the concept in the first place. My god, that's humiliating--sort of like coming out of the bathroom with your skirt shoved in your panties if you know what I mean.

So here I am, in the bottom of the deepest, blackest part of the ocean, and the big fish of 'weep at your gradebook apathy' is about to eat me and kill me with pain. Good feeling gone...

But wait...

Tonight? Tonight I'm going to pop the baby into her 'pumpkin bunting' and then in the stroller, the toddler in his "Lightning" costume, and watch Kewyn try to invade the homes of all the nice people giving him candy. I'm going to get home and see what the older kids have done about decorating the porch for Halloween. They carved pumpkins last night--without my help. Trystan tried to make a Harry Potter pumpkin, and ended up with an HP over a toothy grin with cavities--he held it out to me and said, (In all innocence, I swear to God!) "Hey mom, look at my Harry Cavity!"

He wants to sit outside and hide and scare the older kids. NOt the little kids, he keeps saying, just the older ones who won't really be scared.

Good feeling back--and if that big ugly-fish of apathy don't like it, he can bite me...if he can catch me:-)


Starfish said...

Oh RIGHT, NOW I remember...I'm doing this kid thing so I have something fantastic to come home to after swimming around in my deep dark ocean all day. Funny how Halloween can bring all of that to light, huh?

Roxie said...

I know it's hard to believe, but some of us have seen "Nemo" only once. I remember the seagulls ("Mine." "Mine.") and all the fish swimming down at the same time to overcome the net, and little Nemo with his wonky fin doing just fine in the world. But, as I recall, if only vaguely, they escaped the big uglyfish, and they didn't have anything near as charming as pumpkin buntings to go home to. Things WILL be ok. Just keep swimming.

Rae said...

I'm with you on turning the day around. I missed one Halloween parade of DD in her bumblebee costume because of work. My retaliation was to leave work early (I'm lucky I can do that - not everyone can) and hit the town Halloween parade at 3:30. Still on a conference call (on my cell), I walked out, got in my car (chatting and talking the whole time about serious major work fuck-ups), and drove to get DD. when I got to her school I said, "Oh geez, I gotta go! Something's come up" and hung up. Like I said, I'm lucky.

The major fuck-ups on my end? Computer crashes. Server crashes, to be exact. Down time and every single file lost. Every one.

So I feel your pain. Hours of upload time. Luckily I had my files backed up on my machine (I always work locally, never remotely on the server live). But everyone else? Gone. I feel heartache for them. And you.

But the kiddies (your own kiddies, not those in your class) give a glimmer of light. Sometimes. Most of the time.

Happy Halloween!