Sunday, October 15, 2006

Pure Rhyme and Sweet Reason...take a vacation.

My kids are watching Jaws right now. Isn't there some sort of moratorium on how long that damn movie can go on scaring the hell out of complete adults? Apparently not, since my first book featured a girl getting grabbed by an underwater ookie thing and I thought that scene would help me work out my 'swimming where I can't see my feet' fears, and now I'm prone to completely freak out for no apparent reason in the middle of a lake. I"m also known for claiming to feel fish where there are (supposedly) no fish to feel. They're probably eels.

I finished a super thick scarf on whoopty-twelves today. Whoopee. Another FO--funny how, when you lost your infatuation with your materials, your pattern, and your whoopty-twelve needles about two weeks ago, FO doesne't seem to stand for Finished Object anymore...just saying.

My husband bought me a ball winder--to replace the one my daughter dropped and broke, and I'm torn between awaiting it's arrival with breathless anticipation and dreading having to sort my stash into meaningful piles as opposed to just running my fingers through it blissfully which is what I'm doing now. (Everyone picture a female Homer Simpson going "Merino Wool...errglllgllllllllllllll"

Speaking of Mate--his B-day present to himself with my blessing, permission, and wistful yearning to have known enough about to have ordered by myself is on its way. I feel marginally better about that i-pod/ball-winder thing. NOt much. Marginally. Christmas is going to have to be hella good. (Of course, his after-Christmas gift last year was an X-Box 360--I do admit he's been paying back a little X-Box karma...)

I had a logical converesation with Kewyn about the shower today--he stopped cringing against the wall like a concentration camp victim (an image that hit even closer to the nerve by his short-cropped hair) and just started whining about "no wash hair" which he did even in the bathtub, so my guilt has receded just a little bit. Not much. Just a little.

I have a new Agent listing on it's way to the house... (Writer's Market, whatever) and next week, come rejection package or no rejection package, I'm going to send out another rejection package! (Most of you understand what I mean, right?) Anyway, the web-designer for another author offered to set me up with a forum on that author's site--I think I'll take him up on it. I write kind of a specialized fiction...I don't want sweet grandmotherly knitting types looking up my books because they think I'm such a sweet, family oriented young teacher and getting all flushed and upsot when they hit that first sex scene because they didn't realize I was that kind of dark and twisty girl. (Stephanie, Roxie, Rae, bells, Julie, I'm kidding. Pleeeeeeeeze don't convoy down here and beat me to death with your whooptie-twelves, IT WAS A JOKE, I swear!) But I do need to find another forum to get the word out, since the agent hunt seems to have come to a brick-wall halt.

So now for the interactive portion of my pictureless, linkless blog...

First question--speaking of eels, does anybody out there listen to the rock group the Eels? They've done a couple of tracks for the Shrek Movies and for the movie Holes but the Nor Cal radio stations don't do anything actually 'alternative' unless they can make money for it, which sort of makes their music, uhm, mainstream so besides Novocaine For the Soul (which, again, I really liked) I haven't heard anything else. But I have an i-pod and I'm dying to fill it, so someone let me know if they like their stuff or not.

Second question--is the name 'Ajahn' (soft 'j' sound, like in Jean-Paul) too close to the name Adrian? I only ask because Adrian was a major player in my first series, and I have a character that I really like who is developing in BITTERMOON that I want to call 'Ajahn', but if it sounds too close, I'll call him 'Jahnny'.

Third question--we bought Kewyn a Lightning McQueen car costume today, and let him run around Target as we shopped shouting "I am Lightning". Did that bother anybody? Tough. He was so damned cute I couldn't stand it.

And to conclude this terrible bout of brain ping-pong, everybody remember the immortal words of Dory the Fish. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming swimming swimming... Unless you're an ookie thing like an eel in a lake that DOESN'T play alt rock, in which case you can make like a Finished Object, and leave me alone...


Julie said...

When I was in high school, my boyfriend (who was swimming phobic) and I were watching a documentary on Loch Ness with my parents (what can I say, we were geeks). They were talking about how with the peat in the water, the visibility is about one foot, and there are EELS that come up on you out of nowhere, and my BF looked at me and said "There is no fucking way." then realized my parents were listening. But my dad laughed and agreed completely.

Eels. Urgh.

As for the little old lady crack, hahah, at the state fair this weekend, I don't think anyone believed I was a lace knitter, due to the tattoo on my wrist. Nyeah. (But I do have white hair.)

Roxie said...

Oh horrors! You mean you actually describe - the act - in your books? Damn, I gotta read faster!!
(Finally got "Wounded" and am indulging myself during the nightly bath. But if it gets much more intense, I'll have to stop that. It gets into my dreams.Hot stuff!)

Yes, you do need to market to your niche, as do I. And no, I won't drive down and beat you with my whoopty twelves.

Won't swim where I can't see the bottom, either. Thanks for warning me about that oookie thing. Definitely not gonna read that right before bed. That's got be the first cousin to one of my night terrors.

SO do you have costume for the most beautiful baby in the world?

Roxie said...

You might try "Ojahn" instead of "Ajahn." People remember initials. "Jahnny" gives a different feel - the "Y" ending is a diminutive. Makes him sound boyish and lightweight.

Starfish said...

"You're gonna need a bigger boat"
Love that movie, I watch it in its entirety every time it crops up on cable. So your questions:

1. I don't think I know the Eels, although I'll have to look them up to see if I know their songs..I do listen to alternative as a rule

2. I think Ajahn is fine, when I am reading I differentiate characters by the sight of the name, not the sound and I think they are different enough

3. Not sure that was a question or if you really wanted an answer so...let's just let that one hang...

Catie said...

A note on advertising your books. On it is quite hard to tell what the books are about. There is a very brief description and then when you look for similar items it has fantasy and sci fi. Which is fine, but it could/should be linked to romance too shouldn't it?