Monday, October 23, 2006

just so full of myself...

I went to the Yarn Harlot's blog and fell in love with the sheep and composed this...

I'm just so full of myself I could burp me!

I like that sheep.
That sheep likes me.
We experience synergy.
It's short lived.
He's no fool.
He knows all
I want is wool.
I like that sheep.
This we know.
Because he's made of Me-ri-no.
Thank you sheep
Who eats and spits.
You make it possible to knit.

The End


Starfish said...

oh my. I think you've officially lost it. I loved the Mer-in-o bit. I think you should stick to knitting the stuff. JK!

Roxie said...

I loved your poem.
It's really cool.
I'd do a sampler
of it in crewel.
And who would love it?
Why, the ewe'll.

Tam Tam said...

cute ^_^