Sunday, October 29, 2006

I Touched a Pig!!!

Okay, first things first.

The first thing is that, thanks to blogger, which wouldn't let me edit my last post, I'm sure you all think I'm an ungrateful little shit when that couldn't be farther from the truth. I had added a paragraph that said, in no uncertain terms, THANK YOU ALL for your words of support and encouragement when I gave my inner five-year-old a voice the other day, and then, when I attempted to publish it (like, immediately after my first publishing) my blogsite shut down, and wouldn't let me publish even as I added my own comments to my own post. Talk about a confused computer...sheeesssh! Anyway--thank you--you all made me feel so much better I can't even tell you, but in an attempt to do just that, I have only mostly happy things to talk about today!

My children have said or done the following things in the last week:

**Bryar ran up to me the other day, flushed with the heady arousal of new poetry and important information, and said, in all sententiousness, "Mom, have you ever heard of a man named Edgar Allan Poe?"

**Trystan told us this morning that he wasn't eating Special K cereal anymore. Why? "Because has germs in it!"

"Germs?" Mate and I echoed blankly.

"Yeah--see--it says here on the box. Made from wheat germs. Isn't that gross?"

**(This one needs a picture--which just failed to upload. *sigh*) Anyway, we went to visit Auntie Wendy, who just got her house painted, along with various other home improvements and who has a number of horses and some pot bellied pigs. The picture featured Kewyn feeding the pigs a big dog's milkbone, but the best part (not caught on digital images) was the cave troll, jumping up and down and shouting "I touched a pig I touched a pig I touched a pig!"

**And the baby was just cute.

( game? Bryar's new team lost to Bryar's old team 3 goals to 0--I don't remember any stinking soccer game.)


Roxie said...

What a treat! "A man named Edgar Allen Poe?" "Special K has germs!"
How do you deal with those? Is it against the parenting rules to break into kindly laughter? And the most adorable baby in the world retains the title. Lucky you to be living with those nice people.

"I touched a pig! I touched a pig!" Heeheee!

The Lady in Red said...

Awesome! Sometimes the midgets are the best medicine for a cranky soul. :)

Catie said...

the baby picture is SO cute!