Friday, January 19, 2007

and stuff...

Okay--I guess the Glitterspun shawl looked better than I thought--thanks guys--it's funny how your initial irritation with a project can color your perception of it. I am a little proud.

I'm in the kitchen right now, hoping that Arwyn will stop crying in a second--she's at that stage where if she's going to cry herself to sleep it's going to happen in 20 minutes--she's got 10 to go. Oh wait--we have to take a break while Kewyn types in his ABC's--


See--he sits on my lap and we sing while I let him type--he's all excited about it now, so you may see that little exercise a couple of times in this post!

Well, finals are over, but I still have stuff to enter into the computer, and I'm torn between ditching everybody and spending Saturday in my dismal room which the little bastards have TRASHED this year (I don't want to even think about it--I was so proud of my room, I decorate it every year, and usually the students are so appreciative of the toys on my desk and the posters that they treat it really well. This year I have trash on my floor every day and two really nice posters that I will never use again and a bunch of tchotchkes that I've had for years that have been eternally round filed. It makes me cry, every other day) and doing my duty to my students while neglecting my duty to my family. Or I can show them a movie on Monday, enter their stuff on while they trash my room some more and instead go to the yarn store for the Debbie Bliss I need to finish Arwyn's sweater. Anybody want to guess which way I'm leaning?

I'm not going to Weight Watchers tomorrow--straight out not. Finals week sucked and let's just say I really went overboard on the comfort food. And since I've blown my food diet, I may as well just not make any pretense about a yarn diet. I may not ever enter the steek-along, but I'm going to buy some yarn for it. Or maybe a sweaters worth of Manos...or just more pointless sock yarn--except the Yarn Harlot had a point today--there is no such thing as pointless yarn. Sometimes we just have pet yarn--running our fingers through it is enough. Comfort food, comfort yarn, comfort children... I may recover from finals week after all.

I guess my depression after finals week comes from the fact that I caved. This snotty little biach called me a real bitch who didn't give a shit in my room where I could hear her, but I still sacrificed my pride and gave her that percentage to pass. I did it because enduring the parent bullshit is not something I need right now, especially when our administration has a long and honorable record of puckering up and getting on their knees and doing disgusting things to the dumbshits that raised these fuckers and sometimes it's all I can do to walk in with a smile on my face and a lesson plan and do my best to teach a group of kids who are envisioning me dropping dead of a heart attack and laughing as I go.

Okay, I'm done, no more bewailing my chosen fate--tomorrow I'm taking a picture of the cable (exquisitely hard!) I'm making for Arwyn's cardigan and the hat (e-z p-z) that I'm making out of some Manos del Uruguay for the Lady In Red's little boy... (Yes, a boy...did I already mention the surprise penis on the Lady in Red's daughter? You never know how to react to a surprise penis, do you? I mean, in a baby, it's like, "Good for you! Yes, you have a weiner--well done, little man, well done!" In a grown man, reactions to a surprise penis may vary.) Anyway, after carefully looking over the outfit I made for the baby, I'm pretty sure that the only truly girlie things about it were the shoes, but still--the wool is pretty, it's warm, it's blue and green, and it's 30 degrees here in the morning and I'm sure it will be useful.

And can I just say...Catie's looking up my book and I'm so tickled. It's not a requirement of reading the blog, darling, honest and truly it's not. (But it really did cheer me up. I'm such a narcissist--forgive me:-)

Anyway, Arwyn's cardigan is going to be
this cable on the front of

this sweater instead of the ribbing...and if I got this link to work, for my next trick, I'm putting everybody's web pages on the side of my blog, because I feel so third grade with only three links there. Yes, my children have known more about computers than I have for a long, long time.

And, when I can figure out how to add little icons to things, I'm putting that knitting mouse next to my name. Because I feel like we're soul sisters, that's why:0


Roxie said...

On Monday, we can get back on the Weight Watcher's wagon. I went to a funeral yesterday, and you just don't turn down funeral food. Especially when it tastes THAT good!

New term - does that mean a new flock of little frickers, or are you stuck with them clear through the year?

Remember that cables pull in a lot more than ribs. It's a gorgeous cable and will look stunning on the sweater!

Catie said...

OMG that cardigan is going to be SO cute. I have the yarn to make that interweave cardigan for myself.

Amy Lane said...

I checked my roll books, Roxie--same little goombahs all year... and I got two more balls of yarn, so I'm thinking I'll be okay! Catie--make the sweater...the cable is an absolute joy to execute... I can't even explain the wonder of going 'ooohhhh it's REVERSIBLE!!!'

Rae said...

OMG Amy, I love how your words create the perfect visual picture. I will never think of school administrators the same ever again.