Sunday, December 03, 2006

Nothin' done...

Well... in the 'eyes bigger than stomach' category, I just purchased an insane amount of Lorna's Shepherds Worsted in Watercolor for a project I may be able to get to in 2010...that's okay... I'll have some continuous sleep by then, so the elaborate cable I've got planned will be no funky-furry assed deal...

Other than that?

SOCCER SEASON IS OFFICIALLY OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just can not say that enough. OUr kids got their asses kicked, I mean had their final game today, and, voila...three days a week are suddenly freed up for sanity time. And since we're no longer on the evil prickweenie's team, we no longer have to worry about indoor ball, and, huzzah, extra brain-cells for me!!!!.

Now we have Christmas to deal with--Oy!

So--anybody out there do the fake tree? Every year I'm tempted, and every year the kids talk me out of it, and every year the actual task of going out and GETTING THE TREE turns out to be the biggest stumbling block to getting the house decorated. I don't know if I can explain that to the middle schoolers, but it might be worth a shot. So, I"m planning to whine until I get my way, I mean badger, cajole, and plead, I mean get help cleaning the house today, and then we can go get the tree tomorrow, and then, just then, we might get lights up this year. Last year, I was 7 months pregnant, Mate went on an unofficial boycott of Christmas, and I finally bought hedge lights, just so we could do something that didn't involve me on a ladder. This year, I'd like whole family involvement--including roping the kids in front of the tree--real or fake--and taking a picture of the four of them frolicking or fighting or fuming or whatever to put on my Christmas letter. I've been getting cards since Thanksgiving, and frankly, I"m not sure how y'all do it. Again? Oy! And I'm really starting to envy my friend Suzy who lives in Florida and celebrates Channukah, because to her, Dec. 25 is just another day--it's not that I want to stop celebrating my particular holiday, it's just that when she lived here, where the Jewish community is pretty small, her shopping days were cake. (She says that that's all gone bye-bye down in Florida...poor baby, has to face the crowds just like I do.)

Anyway, as soon as I find my camera cable I'll post some pictures of the adorable baby and the baby hats I've been working on... My friend liked hers yesterday--it was really sort of a funny baby shower. Run by a self-professed 'San Diego hippie', the shower had none of the shower games that I've come to treasure because, honestly, I kick ass at all of them. Instead we strung beads with wishes and bound wrists with advice and I found my inner Libra having a big-assed conflict. The soft, sweet side of Libra who tears up at night time TV was saying "oh, this is nice and spiritual, isn't it?". The cynical Libra who has pushed out four puppies and hasn't cleaned her bathroom was saying, "Oh for crap's sake, somebody serve me some cake with lard on it and let's get this party started." I managed to beat the cynical Libra down, but only because I was holding the world's most adorable infant in my arms, and I figured, hey, all those good wishes were nothing more than what I wanted for her. The cynical Libra will rear her ugly jaded head some other time. And, hey--I'll be fine with that.


NeedleTart said...

If you get the fake tree, be sure to get the one with the lights already in it! That has got to be one great invention! I told The Husband today, "Looks like we need to go out and chop down that menorah pretty soon."

Julie said...

Get the fake tree. Save a live one. (Unless you're planting those babies after Yuletide, in which case, knock yourself out.)

My baby shower had male and female guests and a beer keg in the front yard. We didn't play games, other than letting people write down suggested names for the baby - which was a hoot.

Roxie said...

Let the sentimental Libra run rampant at the baby showers and set the cynical libra on the school authorities. Where will you store a fake tree? Don't they take a lot of space?

Coach Susan said...

Just go get the fake tree. You are Mom at Christmastime. You need no justification for anything you do other than "I decided." Needletart's got the right idea. Prelighted.

Rae said...

As a Gemini, I so identify with your sweet and cynical Libra. My baby shower was thrust upon me, against my will, and the cynical Gemini in me bristled through it all. I begrudgingly agreed IF THERE WERE NO FUCKING GAMES.

Can you imagine that? Someone wanted to do something NICE for me, like, uh, give me HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS OF GEAR, and I said ONLY if it were thus-and-so.

The sweet Gemini is SO appreciative of the help we got, and the attention, and the love. And, well, OK, even the cynical Gemini has some decorum and is thankful.

But the party crap? Leave it to the sorority girls I used to spit on.