Friday, December 22, 2006

It's beginning to look a lot...

Like I bitch too much...

Seriously--I can't let that horrible post about skinning the family cat be my last before Christmas. It's just too sad and too, well, ungrateful, and I won't do it.

Looking back on the blogs since July, I realize that A. It's been a hectic year, and B. I've dealt with it as I deal with everything--I poodle out to relieve stress (yi-yi-yi-yi-yi) and then I breathe through it and deal. So, I thought that since last post was a yi-yi-yi-yi post, today would be a 'breathe through it and deal' sort of post--let's see how I deal with the bright side of life... (always look at/the bright side of life--my Monty Python is showing...)

So here's life on the flip side, the fat labrador side of my poodle personality if you will...

I may hate my 5th period class with a passion, but at least their retention span is too short to remember me.

We may have to spring for a new heater, but at least we have a house to put it in.

My children may have to have expensive orthodontia, but at least Mate and I are in a position to give it to them.

The cave troll may have an anal-retentive obsessive-compulsive personality, but at least he'll be organized enough to take care of Mate and I in our old age.

I may have to self-publish my own books, but at (the very) least I have loyal, vocal fans who think I have something important to say.

My house may be a vortex of crap from which no item of quality or beauty ever returned unscathed, but at least it's my vortex of crap and, just like Mate loves the Sacramento Kings, I love my vortex of crap.

I may not have as much time to spend with the adorable infant as I would like, but at least she's adorable 23/7 (babies get an hour off to be pissy) and I see the adorable parts of her personality.

I may have skinned the family cat, but at least she was too old to care? (Yeah, that one's still to fresh to spin...but it's coming...)

I may be perpetually tired, but today I got a nap.

I may have too many story ideas and knitting plans to ever tackled, but at least I'll never get bored.

I may be tremendously, mind-bogglingly busy, but I'll have A LOT to remember.

I may be a frantic, chasing-my-tail, poodling out working mother of four, but at least I'm a poodling-out working mother of four with a dark, grim, sarcastic sense of humor.

The world may be too straight for my less than narrow, but at least I'm dark and twisty inside...

I may not have enough time to knit, but at least I have the best e-knitting blogging buddies in all of explores cyberspace...(Did you know Roxie makes kick-ass rum balls? Roxie, darling, I'm soooooooooooo moving in with you...) I was going to give you pictures adorable infant and cave troll pictures that should crack you up and warm the cockles of your hearts...( I know mine are pretty toasty with all the rum balls at the moment, thank you all very much) but blogger is doing that meretricious mulchheifer (which is essentially a slutty moo-cow thing) for me again, so you'll have to wait until tomorrow for a visual reward for your love and your humor and your support... I couldn't blog, and possibly couldn't have made it through this semester, without all of you...

Goddess bless us, every one!


Roxie said...

Glad the rumballs made it safely. Yeah, they do the job, don't they? Soo glad you like them!

Poodling through. I LOVE it! You write SO well!! Bless your dearrr heart and your twisted sense of humor!

You didn't skin the cat. It was just an overenthusiastic and quite localized waxing that went awry.

NeedleTart said...

"Dark, grim, sarcastic sense of humor"? I hadn't noticed. Must be because we make jokes about *anything* at our house. The Baby keeps calling it the dead horse joke. Just keep going until you hit the funny, or it's completely dead.
Merry (or Happy) whateveryoucelebrate!

the lady and peanut in red said...

"My house may be a vortex of crapfrom which no item of quality or beauty ever returned unscathed" This is s oooooooo not true! A vortex of crap it may be, but I have a beautiful, ruby-red sweater, hat and booties that prove how untrue this is! I did not get to properly thank you for them either (which bummed me out.) So, thank you, thank you, thank you. And do believe that I carried that little bag around with me and showed everyone I know what you made for Cordi. I even took it to the doctor with me. She was impressed too! And you crack me up. I think that some days, the dark and twisty parts are all that keep me going.
Merpy Chrismahannukwanzika!