Thursday, December 07, 2006

At Last...

(Look, pictures of my adorable children. And the baby. Just to make you smile. And laugh at my house which is, yes, always this thrashed. And, hey, a sockie...see, I haven't been having you all on--I have been making things. Sort of.)

Anyway, can I just say that the only thing worse than having to be at work right now is being at work without blogger? Of course the really funny thing is, that in true NHS fashion, the only blog that I can access unconditionally (besides Yarn Harlot, of course) is Julie's--and she's the only blogger I know who occassionally swears more than I do. (For which I worship her in a not-at-all-creepy manner.)

Anyway, to catch everybody up since it's now illegal for me to blog on my lunch hour (or simply just firewall prevented) here are some interesting conversations I've had this week:

Me: Okay--so, how much is it going to cost to fix the heater?
Mate: $1400.
Mate: Yeah--the bad news is that it won't be fixed until NEXT Thursday.

Now, flash forward a couple of days for the "it could be worse" version on the phone:

Mate: The guy's here so I can sign the financing papers for the new heater.
Me: Wow--they do that?
Mate: Well, it costs a little more than we thought it would.
Me: Like, how much more would it cost to for them to give us financing.
(Are you all holding your breath?)
Mate: $14,000.
Me: $1400, right?
Mate: $14,000.
Me. $1900?
Mate: No, no, you're not hearing me: FOURTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS.

Mate: And, hence, the financing.

Oy! And, oh wait, there's more--the hundred dollar Weenie Pig? Is now hundred dollar fertilizer. It appears Weenie Pigs don't take well to having the thermostat dip below 58 degrees at night, and he departed this earth for a great Weenie Pig field of expensive Weenie Pig food in the sky. The really sad part is that Mate had to dig a good 18" in order to place that poor, pathetic little body below Jasmine, Trixie, and Paige the rats. Yeah--our little strip of weed-en in the front of the crumbling mortgage is getting pretty haunted by little rodent ghosties... I guess Dennis Quaid the cat ought to watch out next Samhain, right?

So, hopefully blogger won't let me down again, (why not, right?) and I can put a little sunshine in this post...more specifically, my little sunshine, modeling (or eating) some of the hats and sockies I've finished. Just to prove that I really do knit and all....


Bells said...

Amy you make me laugh. Cute kids by the way. and you know I'm a fan of knitting blogs with photos of babies. Gets me in every time.

Poor little piggie. Sounds like you have a pet cemetary!!!

And cute hat too!!

I would die without blogger at work. I'm not sure what I used to do before there was blogger in my life. I work for the government and all the swear words you and Julie use haven't got me banned from using blogger yet. :-)

Roxie said...

For-teen-thou-sand dollars? Oh My Gawd!! My heart goes out to you! I would be weeping in the bedroom closet. Bless your heart! And you even continue to knit and post wonderful pictures. What adorable sockies! What an utterly adorable baby girl!!

Mother of Chaos said...

OK, your kids are too darned adorable!

I so feel your pain on the heater thing. Our old one a) broke every Christmas-week like clockwork for four years ($1000-2800 per instance) and b) ran and ran and ran and ran without actually, you know, HEATING THE HOUSE.

So we just replaced it.

Fourteen Thousand, Six Hundred Dollars.

Oy. VEY!

Julie said...

I congratulate you on not swooning or killing anyone. I would have done both, over the heater issue.

I don't swear that much. You'd be shocked at what I leave out of my blog, because I don't want to offend anyone. Seriously. Ever notice there's no religious-themed profanity?

And the kids, they are cute. You should post more pictures of them. We're all about baby photos, as you know.

The Lady in Red said...

Sweet mother of hell! How on earth does a heater cost $14,000.00? I just....that's dumb founding.
And your children are abso-freakin-lutely adorable. But then, you know that! ;)
And the knitting is awesome too! I still marvel at your sticks and the pretty things that come off them.

Rae said...

My mouth dropped. I actually felt my jaw stretch wider than it's been in years. Lady in Red said it best - sweet mother of hell! Cripes. And I thought our expenses were bad.

Your pics are TERRIFIC! Seriously, I had to laugh at the chaos in your house. It reminded me of dear old home. ;) I bet my dad still has unpacked moving boxes from when I was 14 (19 years ago).

The baby is adorable, and I love the FOs. Must get our camera fixed and post some FOs of my angel. You and Julie are making me feel I Must.Keep.Up.With.The.Knitters!

Diana said...

Yikes. And I thought our estimate for a whole bathroom was high. Hope you are all warm now.