Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Ode to Sock Yarn

Two posts in one day = two posts over three days.

I'm so close to the end of BOUND I can scent the testosterone behind Bracken's left ear and stroke the satin of Green's skin (see VULNERABLE and WOUNDED), but I've got this little ditty waltzing through my gray matter and I thought if I let it dance on the vid-screen, I can get back to work:


Sock yarn I love you
Your stripes are so neat
But the best thing about you
Is you're meant for feet!

Portable Project
Wrapped in one little skein
You're meant to be stepped on
And stepped on again.

Sock yarn I adore thee,
I plop you in bags
And knit you at stoplights
Without feeling bad.

Cashmere is a luxury
And merino's a treat
ButI can't stuff them in luggage,
And you're meant for feet.

You're meant to be worn
On broad stinky dogs
Or stuffed into tennishoes
Or showed off in clogs.

I don't have to worry
If you fall off in the car
On the big sticky space
That's been there a year

Cause I'll scoop you back up
And keep on knitting on
Knowing nothing's as nasty
As the feet you'll soon don...

Soccer practice be darned,
With it's dust and it's leaves
Because you're meant to be worn
Not mothballed with trees.

I don't have to wash
If the baby is sweaty
Or worry about touching you
If the dog stinks like a yeti,

'Cause sock yarn you're tough,
You're not gentle or sweet
Whether a sock, hat, or glove,
You're still meant for feet.


Roxie said...

LOL! Love the ode! May I print it off and keep it for my own delight?

Starfish said...

HAHA very cute! And that is precisely why I only knit socks for myself and children...no hairy smelly feet for my socks!