Wednesday, July 12, 2006



  1. Find out if I can e-mail commentators because the idea that Lisa T. followed me from Steph’s site because she liked my comments tickles me silly and I’d like to say ‘hullo’ before school starts and I completely disappear.

  2. Learn how to import photos because I did say something about knitting on the blog description and I’ve got some stuff to show off.

  3. Finish the stuffed cup-cake for my husband’s friend’s b-day—and don’t forget to take a picture.

  4. Learn how to import photos because my children are so beautiful the whole internet must be exposed to their beauty.  (And that way I can embarrass them in front of a whole different circle of people.)

  5. Decide what I shall name my beautiful children on the blog.  (Because Amy Lane called them one thing on the back of her books, Shanny Mac calls them all sorts of nicknames, but I personally chose their names for a reason and have the tattoo to prove it…it leaves me in a quandary, that’s for certain—anyone with an opinion is welcome to venture forth(

  6. Remember to smile for the baby as she watches me type because she’s completely charming, adorable and perfect, and I know from experience that this stage never lasts.

  7. Pay a hairstylist to do combat with the rabid squirrel currently doing the cha-cha on the top of my head because it’s getting ready to burst into song and nobody needs to hear a round of I’m Henry the Eighth from a middle-aged woman’s singing hair.

  8. List ideas for future posts because when the cave troll is screaming and the baby has gas, thoughtful introspection is about as possible as getting that damned squirrel to shut up.

  9. Lie to my mother about not finishing my next book, Bound, (I’m getting very close) because I’ve just written the (ahem) climactic sex scene and I’m tired of smiling bravely and asking my parents what they thought of my book and hearing that they’d rather I not write dirty books with bad language.  The last time my dad said something about this I told him “This is from a guy who dropped two F-bombs and a s*&^ in front of my 13 year old in a 5 minute conversation?”  His response of, “Well, that was in real life—you’re writing fiction!”  Still haunts me with its implications.  All in all I think it will just be easier to have mom and dad read my blog.  

  10. Tell mom and dad to skip this entry of my blog.

  11. Work on the book a little… I’ve only got a month before I’m facing hostile teenagers and adolescent bureaucracy and I need to put it on the back burner and let it simmer after I finish, or I’ll never spice it just write.

  12. Cast on my baby’s dress with that enchanting fingering weight merino I just bought.

  13. Figure out why now, when I have no time and no free hands with which to knit, my fixation with teeny-tiny perfection yarn should suddenly rear its cross-eyed head.  

  14. Get off the blog and work out so I can fit out the door come mid-August.  Blog y’all later!

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