Monday, July 17, 2006

Can I Do It?

Can I do it? Can I actually manage pictures… I can only try…lessee…this first one is the cave troll…in a rare moment of quiet…(notice the well worn binkit, crocheted by yours truly…and the sock in the background, now finished and waiting for a mate…)

This here is Big T—with his tiny sister whom he adores…

More tiny sister…too perfect for words…

How NOT to knit a sock on two circular needles…I’m so tickled a made a mistake so heinous that didn’t actually need to be ripped out…(it’s all in the needles…)

A scarf I knit for a friend, modeled by Bryar, who looks terribly embarrassed.

And that’s me—the fuzzy one with the non-opposable thumbs!


Starfish said...

Hello! Your kids are gorgeous! And your knitting is pretty smashing too. Love the blog..I've bookmarked ya...I think I need to check out your books too...totally my style, love the fantasy thing. Thanks for visiting my blog, anytime you want to give parenting tips, feel free!

Roxie said...

Red kitty! I LOVE red kitties! extra ear rubs from me.

Big T. is a hero. Good on him!

Great knitting. The sock yarn is craveable. Knit on, thou bold and brave good woman, knit on.