Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Why I blog...

Hello, gang--(Rae, glad to have you back, Needletart, it's always a treat--everybody else, you knows I luvs ya:-)--anyway, I had one of those conversations with my (step)mother that brought me right back to highschool and trying to explain why the oatmeal sweater made me look stacked and not fat...I lost that argument, by the way, not because I didn't believe in my newfound hooters, but because mom had instilled just the tiniest bit of doubt in me, and every time I put on the sweater I had visions of my copious fat rolls spilling out at the sides. (When I think about how skinny I was in high school as opposed to what I am now, I just want to weep.)

So back to yesterday's conversation:

Mom: "So...blogging, I don't get it."
Me: "You know, it's sort of like an online diary."
Mom: "But who wants to read your diary--how boring!"
Me: "But it's better than that--the good ones are like Erma Bombeck or Dave Barry or Mike Royko--those columnists who could comment on the world at large by commenting on their own interests..."
Mom: "Still don't get it...who wants to read that crap?"
Me: (changing subject with desperation) "So I might be able to publish BOUND before Christmas after all."
Mom: "Well, good, I think--did you tone down the sex."
Me: *sigh* "No. Hey--Bryar's been losing a lot in soccer:-)" (Notice how mothers don't hesitate to throw their daughters to the wolves? It's a time honored tradition--don't knock it.)

Anyway, the conversation got me thinking about why I blog... and I came up with this list, which I'm going to painfully stretch to ten items in an attempt to look like a real writer. Should I start from the bottom, like David Letterman? Too bad, I talk too much for only 10.

15. Because I talk to much period. This way I have to make sense.
14. Because I've already got 'self-aggrandizement' down to an art form.
13. Because this way I can prove I write about something besides sex.
12. Because 'cranky' is charming in print.
11. Because if you don't really like me, you don't have to visit my blog, and if y ou do visit my blog, you must really like me, and who can turn down reciprocal admiration like that?
10. Because if I put 'knitting' on the blog title, I don't have to explain that Glitterspun is crap, wool is a religion, and knitting socks is a calling of the highest order.
9. Because if I put 'children' on the blog, I don't have to apologize for all the bragging that is about to ensue.
8. Because, whether I put 'writing' on the blog or not, I don't have to apologize or explain when I'm talking about crapweasels, prickweenies, or what crawled out from under a demoted demon's ass.
7. Because my students don't get my jokes.
6. Neither do my children.
5. Neither, obviously, do my parents.
4. Because my Mate DOES get my jokes--but he's tired of hearing them.
3. Because if I write the voices down I become an 'artist' instead of a 'lunatic'.
2. Because 'too much yarn' is worse than a four letter word--and you all get that.
1. Because the only cure for rampant insecurity is to share.

So why do you all blog? Whether you have blog or just like to read other people's, I'd love to hear your reasons...

Amy Lane Out:-)


NeedleTart said...

For crying out loud! Now I have to post again. I've already done it once this week. Nudge, nudge, nudge.....(thanks for the push).

The Lady in Red said...

I love numbers 8 and 3. And I blog, but not regularly, because I need a place to put all the &**^(*^% I accumulate in my head and heart. I read blogs mostly because I'm nosey. Honestly. I love to know what other people think and do and since I don't have the time to stalk all of the people I love and love to hear from, I read their blogs instead. >:)

Starfish said...

I started blogging with my knit blog, mostly as an exercise in "can I do it and will people actually read it" (I can and they do, shocking). Then I started my IF/Adoption blog to try to make connections with others in the same boat. I got what I was looking for and more. The support I get from my blogger friends far surpasses the support I get from people IRL - because, like you alluded to - they just GET IT. I've "met" some amazing people who I admire for different reasons...amazing knitting, amazing moms, humorous posts..you get the idea. Thanks for being a part of my cyber world!

kristy said...

I would blog, however at this point i can't remember the address at with i wrote it, in plain english I lost it, OH well anyway have a good evening , and if you find my blog let me know.

Amy Lane said...

uhm...I looked it up, kristy--here's your blog:-)


Rae said...

Oh Amy, we know you're a lunatic anyway. :) That's precisely why we come back over and over and over again.

At this point I think I blog as punishment. As if I don't have enough to keep up with in my life, I have to add a friggin blog to the list.

Naw, not really. I just wanted an outlet where I could share my dorkiness with impunity.

Bells said...

Oh I'm gonna think about this and write a list myself. Good idea because some days I sure as hell don't know why I do it. I just do!

kristy said...

thanks, very much, something that simple and i couldn't find it, that should tell you what shape my knitting is in, have a good day,mine actually starts in about 1 hour. namaste

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