Thursday, November 30, 2006


I apologize if I've been out of touch work computer won't let me visit anyone on's's not a firewall or anything, but about the only place the net won't let me navigate is to your blog pages...and it's only blogger too--I can get to the Yarn Harlot just fine. Again, wierd...

We're sending BOUND in today.

Really, that's all I got. I mean, I finished a set of hat/sockies last night, and it came out frickin' adorable, and I"m thinking about buying some baby-t-shirts and doing a blanket stitch or a crochet edging around the edges to match, but really--Lorna's Laces, Shepherd's Sport. 'nuff said. But other than that, the book submission is kind of all-consuming.

My last reader was, as I have said, a paralegal who doesn't like my work. She made me a better writer--but the cost was a significant drop in confidence that it will take a decent reception for BOUND to counteract. I mean, what was I thinking? I gave a book about bi-sexual sidhe to someone who thought BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN sucked, and I was expecting constructive suggestions on content? Sugar, stress, and mental instability screwed with my judgment like a banana covered football screws with a monkey, didn't it?

Anyway, if I've seen distant, it's not on purpose--once my work net is fixed (and for the record, my grading program has died four times in the last three days, and it's been such a crap year in that department, I'm not even sure if this bad) I'll be back bothering you all again. In the meantime, think good thoughts and promise me that you won't tell me if my heroine cries too much in that one chapter even if you really think so, because I'm feeling very fragile right now:-)


Bells said...

Amy I'm not up with the whole BOUND thing because I haven't been reading you all that long, but from one (lapsed) writer to another, GOOD LUCK!

I look forward to getting to read it one day!

Roxie said...

OMIGAWD! It's going in today? Oh, baby girl, I have stomache knots in empathy. Breathe in, breathe out. You write brilliantly. Your work just absorbs the reader! I'm still carrying your characters around in the back of my mind like old friends I went to college with. And I can hardly wait to buy my copy!

The Lady in Red said...

It will be wonderful, just like its predecessors. I can't wait to read it! It'll give me something to do while I am home perfecting my impersonation of a jersey cow!

Anonymous said...

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