Friday, February 02, 2007

What I've Learned This Week

* If you think a week that starts with a funeral can't get worse you're just asking for trouble.

* A husband who cleans your car when you didn't ask him to is a treasure.

* A husband who accidentally throws away the bag of fruit snack packets you were saving for the babies is still a treasure.

* A husband who accidentally throws away your paycheck when he's cleaning your car is STILL a treasure.

* A husband who feels inclined to blame you for the lost paycheck because A. You were too flaky to keep it in your purse and B. Haven't succumbed to the 21st century to get direct deposit, is probably right,only human, and still, definitely, a treasure.

I've also learned that

* Cat's barf in more than one place.

* If the cat has barfed, the baby will find it.

* Cat barf smells like cat-food.

* Babies like cat-food.

* Your stomach won't rebel if you use the word 'cat-food' to describe what you're cleaning from around the baby's mouth as opposed to the alternative.

And in addition? I've learned that:

* You NEVER regret NOT nagging someone.

* You especially don't regret it if he has to suffer through sharing the bathroom with the middle schoolers too.

* You really don't regret it if the cave troll starts bitching at your husband at 7:00 in the morning to 'Fix the bathtub, daddy--I need to play with my ducky!!!'.

* Laughing long and hard when the toddler does this completely negates the karma points of not nagging in the first place and makes you feel like crap to boot.

And finally, I've learned, once again, that:

My spouse rocks. And good times and bad times are both better with him. And my payroll department is made up of VERY forgiving people. And babies are washable. And the cave troll can always play with his ducky in the sink.


Rae said...

Can you find the bright side in my dark world??? ;)

the lady in red said...

I don't have direct deposit either. I don't trust them to actually put the money in there!

Anonymous said...

Hey mom Showed your blog to my friend

p.s.geuss who

Roxie said...

Your spouse is also lucky to have you! Admiration and appreciation are nectar of the Gods to our dear boys. Slather it on him! It's good for both of you!!